For Clarion UX has many partnerships and sponsorship arrangements with associations and greatly values those relationships.  Clarion is creative and flexible when it comes to working with associations and therefore can be an attractive partner for an association looking for help in expanding its event business.

Clarion UX, like many companies in the event space, is made up largely of acquisitions.  Both Greg Topalian and Doug Miller are still owners in the business.  If you are an owner of a business and you’re looking for a unique home that can help you grow (in the U.S. and abroad) and where entrepreneurs can thrive, then Clarion UX might be the home for you.    

Hear stories from those who have joined Clarion UX!

"Clarion UX/Urban Expositions understands the needs of the New York State Restaurant Association and our members.  The team is flexible and accessible whenever we need to reach them and always has a thoughtful solution to any challenge that arises.  It is a pleasure to work with an organization that focuses on the day-to-day event management, so I can focus on running the Association." – Melissa A. Fleischut, President and CEO, New York State Restaurant Association

"After spending seventeen strenuous but rewarding years building Airport Revenue News, the sale of the business was not surprisingly poignant.  While I was ready to sell, it had been such a large part of my life on a daily basis for nearly two decades.  But my concerns would be assuaged when Clarion UX/Urban Expositions approached us as interested buyers. They assured me that the business would be nurtured and grown further without depleting its true nature.

The business consists of a monthly magazine, annual conference and industry resource book. It was so important that the new owners understood the key components of the business and how critical each individual part is to the whole. They needed to recognize that the magazine and resource book are as important as the annual conference, even though the margins are narrower. The two sides are indivisible, relying on each other for optimal success.

I laid the business open to the Clarion UX/Urban Expositions team's scrutiny hoping they would grasp this core principal, which was not only important to me and the ARN team but to the entire industry we served. They looked at the numbers and studied our success to that point. They immediately grasped the important role ARN plays in the industry and understood how each segment of the business is integral to the greater whole.

They asked all the right questions, were careful to alleviate the fears of the ARN team going forward, and paid special attention to the jobs of each individual staff member in an effort to execute a seamless transition.

I consider my experience in the sale of ARN to Clarion UX/Urban Expositions to have been congenial and fair. The team at Clarion UX/Urban Expositions was kind, gracious and thoughtful about life at ARN after my departure. I believe them to be very honest and forthright businessmen with the utmost integrity."  – Pauline Armbrust, Founder and former owner ARN


Over the years Clarion UX/Urban has worked with and partnered with many associations. Clarion UX has great respect for the work of associations and their deep connection to the industries they serve. The biggest and best behavior that Clarion UX displays with their association partners is flexibility! Clarion UX is open to working with associations in a number of ways based purely on the needs of the organization.

It is our mission to always provide the most professional experience for our partners. We are experts at cutting costs, driving revenue, opening up new attendee markets and creating new and exciting ways to expand your event. Our talented team has the experience to make any association's event thrive and grow. If you're interested in talking to Clarion UX about opportunities for your event(s) you can contact:

Doug Miller, Chairman or 678-370-0320

Courtney Muller, Chief Corporate Development & Strategy Officer or 203-559-4497