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ATLANTA, GA (January 19, 2016) - Held January 9-11, 2016,  the 133rd Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show received overwhelmingly positive feedback from buyers and exhibitors alike for its successful collocation with the Philadelphia Gift Show at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA.  Formerly held in Atlantic City, the Retail Confectioners Association of Philadelphia (RCAP) chose to return the winter event to its former suburban Philadelphia location to offer new cross-market business opportunities, as well as easy accessibility and travel savings to its growing audience.

"It was so rewarding to see the synergy between these two well-established shows.  It was everything we hoped for when we decided to return to the Montgomery County area of suburban Philadelphia to collocate our winter edition with the Philadelphia Gift Show," says Paul Esposito, president of the RCAP and owner, Victoria's Candies, explaining that the show moved from the Valley Forge/Montgomery County area of suburban Philadelphia to Atlantic City in 2006.   "Based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback we've received from our own buyers and exhibitors, and the great feedback Urban has received from the gift show audience, we know we're off to a promising start and look forward to reuniting again for winter 2017."

"Our collocation with the Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show definitely created a buzz on the show floor -- with buyers and exhibitors from both events enthusiastically embracing the cross-over business opportunities they saw," says Dean Russo, Group Show Director, Urban Expositions, producers of the semi-annual Philadelphia Gift Show. "We came into the gift show with a high number of first-time exhibitors joining our substantial roster of top-name lines, best-selling brands and new resources from the region's premier sales representatives.  Our retailers were excited to see so many fresh new offerings -- in so many categories --  all under one roof and  so close to home. And, our exhibitors were delighted with the uptick in gift buyer traffic, as well as the new candy retail accounts many of them opened, too."

Urban Expositions and the RCAP each operated its respective show independently -- utilizing one cohesive floorplan at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center to ensure seamless access between each event. In addition, each event honored other's badges for optimum convenience.

Retailers from throughout the Mid -Atlantic and Tri-State areas came to explore the versatile offerings of the 133rd Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show, including the latest in candy, chocolate and gourmet specialties, candy-making equipment, packaging and more.

In addition to a wide selection of product offerings, retailers had a chance to attend a full roster of seminars ranging from panel discussions on candy-making to social media and marketing seminars, visual merchandising and web design and much more.

Further strengthening the offerings, the Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show attendees also had a chance to explore the product and service offerings of the Philadelphia Gift Show.  As an all -category show, the selection included everything from gift, souvenir and artisan designs to floral resources, home accents, souvenirs and more.

The 134th Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show returns to the Atlantic City Convention Center, Atlantic City, NJ from September 11-13, 2016.  For 2017, the Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show will once again collocate with the Philadelphia Gift Show, January 6-9, 2017.

For information on the Philadelphia National Candy, Gift & Gourmet Show, For more information about the Philadelphia Gift Show, visit or call 800.318.2238.

The RCAP, a non-profit trade association, was founded in 1918 for the purpose of sharing information and knowledge about candy-making and retailing among Philadelphia area confectioners.  Over the years, the local focus has expanded and the RCAP currently has more than 300 active and associate members throughout the United States and Canada.  Today these candy makers and suppliers still share information to maintain a very high quality chocolate and hard candy.  The Association holds educational meetings, plant tours, a spring getaway tour, and two national candy, gift and gourmet trade shows each year.

Based in Kennesaw, GA, and founded in 1995, Urban Expositions produces and manages a portfolio of 40 events serving   nine industry sectors, including Gift, Souvenir, Apparel, Art, Aviation, Foodservice, Halloween & Party, Pet and Gaming.  Urban also produces Airport Revenue News, a publication focused on the airport concession industry. In addition to its headquarters in Kennesaw, Urban has offices in Shelton, CT and Boca Raton, FL, and is represented by employees in California, Colorado and Illinois.