An Exclusive Gathering of the Nation's Top Gift & Souvenir Retailers at the Premier West Coast Buying Event.
The Gathering West will bring together approximately 150 hosted gift and souvenir buyers from around the country with a strong West Coast focus.
The Gathering West provides the unique opportunity to take advantage of the shoulder season to start developing ideas and artwork direction for 2021

Who's Attending: 

Approximately 150 Hosted Gift/Souvenir Buyers- 
 Coming from around the country, with a strong West Coast focus, each buyer has a substantial annual budget. To secure their attendance, buyers receive up to three complimentary hotel nights and meals.

55 Curated Vendors - There will be limited vendor slots in specific product categories to ensure that every participant has the best possible opportunity to showcase their products and capabilities. Categories include:  

  • Apparel
  • Souvenir & Resort
  • Food
  • Toys
  • Jewelry
  • Gifts


Contact Jhana Jordan

Phone:  678-370-0338
Email:   jhana.jordan@clarionevents.com

Contact Valerie Svard

Phone:  678-257-1517
Email:   valerie.svard@clarionevents.com


Contact Donna Guess:

Phone: 678.370.0327

Contact Lisa Glosson:

Phone:  678.370.0334
Email:  lisa.glosson@clarionevents.com